Tips for Parents

Parents are the first teachers of all children. Here are some helpful tips for parents of English Language Learner students:

Talk to your children about school.

Share stories of your own educational experiences, as well as family history, and topics of interest.

• Read with your child in your home language or in English.

Reading to and with your children daily in any language increases their vocabulary, which makes
them better prepared for school.

Children's books in a Variety of Languages

Maintain your native language or heritage language. Speak, read, write, watch movies, listen to music, etc.

Research shows that English learners with a firm foundations in their

native language learn English faster and more easily.

Develop your own English skills.

Practice English with others, use an App, or even take a class.

Being bilingual is an asset!


Be involved in your child’s school.

• Join the school parent organization.

• Volunteer.

• Attend school events.

• Attend parent-teacher conferences.

• Send emails/letters and have phone conversations

with your child’s teachers.

• In all your interactions with the school system, don’t

hesitate to ask for translation services, if needed.

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