Monroe Public Schools
Bus Run Information

As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance safety and security for our students, bus stop information will no longer be shared publicly.  This procedure is also for students attending Trumbull Agriscience (VOAG), Aquaculture, Regional Center Arts, and Henry Abbott Tech. Parents can access their child’s bus information through PowerSchool. If you do not know your PowerSchool credentials or need any assistance with PowerSchool, please contact our IT staff at [email protected]

Please click this link for Monroe Board of Education Transportation Policy

The bus schedules are subject to revision due to enrollment changes such as transfers, address changes or additional registrations.
If you wish to request a different pick up and drop off location at an existing stop, that will be applied on a consistent daily basis in your school district, please contact your child's School.
Should you have a safety concern in the school bus stops, a submission can be submitted, please complete the Transportation Inquiry form located to the left.  Requests can be as long as 10-14 days to be reviewed/investigated and you will be notified as soon as a decision is made.
Procedures for issues related to transportation, such as bus routes, pick-up/drop-off.
1-Begin with the Transportation Company 
2-If the matter is not resolved, raise the concerns with the Assistant Superintendent.
3-If the matter is not resolved, raise the concerns with the Superintendent.    

Bus Safety

We would like to remind motorists and parents of some safety facts so we can all keep your children safe. Watch for children waiting or walking to their bus stops. When you see a bus with its amber lights activated, please slow down and prepare to stop. Never try to pass a bus when it’s flashing red lights are activated, it’s against the law, even on school grounds. Slow down and use caution near school zones. Have your children ready and waiting at their bus stops 10 minutes prior to their scheduled pick up times. Parents should have their children wait 10 feet back from the edge of the road at their bus stops. Most of the injuries that occur at bus stops are to children that are struck by cars illegally passing stopped school buses.  Please don’t become another statistic, stop and wait for stopped school buses

Bus Locating and Tracking Software

AllStar has added locating and tracking devices on all buses and vans. The system allows the company and administration to monitor the location of each vehicle. The system records the bus speed, and notes every stop. It also records the arrival time at each bus stop. If a bus breaks down or has any problem it is easier to locate the vehicle’s position within the town. The district is able to track where every bus is at every minute.

Bus Route Development

For district-wide schools (Jockey Hollow and Masuk), Monroe buses must pickup students from all of the town's 25 square miles. The grade K-5 schools (Fawn Hollow, Monroe Elementary and Stepney Elementary) each serve approximately one-third of the town or about 8 square miles per school.

To plan for the school year, All-star used a computer routing software to develop safe and efficient routing for the Monroe schools.

1.All routes were developed using both the routing software and by hand with every student’s address, school-by-school, noted. This work was done in consultation with the bus company local manager and local dispatcher, both very familiar with Monroe roads, traffic patterns, and both experienced bus drivers.

2.Monroe's drivers are All-star employees. Each driver holds a special license and undergoes annual safety and driver training.

3.After the routes are driven in a school bus, they are confirmed.

4. The final part of the route development process is to enter the routes into the transportation software program and to print and publish the routes. With the attention to detail and the need to stabilize routes, there will be no changes made to bus routes for the first 4 weeks of school unless there is a safety issue.. Routes are provided by accessing Powerschool.  Should you have any questions on Powerschool access please contact your child's school. They will no longer be provided on line or published in the print.

6. In case of an emergency, it is essential for the administration to know which students are riding on each school bus. Students are assigned one bus to to school and one bus home.

7. House stops, are selected for a variety of reasons.

  • There are roads/highways that students cannot walk alongside. These have been determined in cooperation with the Monroe Police Department. Examples include Elm Street, Routes 25, 110, 111, Hammertown Road and Hattertown Road as well as some specific sections of other roadways.
  • House stops are also provided for some students with significant medical needs. These stops require medical documentation similar to what an adult must provide to obtain a handicap parking permit.
  • All changes to routes and/or location of bus stops must be approved by the central administration.

Daycare Service

We do not provide service to daycares or tutoring centers located outside of a school’s transportation district. Daycares within the transportation district for a school will be included in a bus route, as long as the parent/guardian informs the school.

Important Phone Numbers

(203) 261-2691

Monroe Public Schools
(203) 452-2860 ext 2900

If you wish to request a different pick up and drop off location at a existing stop, and applied on a consistent daily basis in your school district, please contact your school.

Fawn Hollow- 203-452-2923

Monroe Elem- 203-452-2870

Stepney -203-452-2885

Jockey Hollow/STEM- 203-452-2905