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Roseanne Haughton
Elementary Instructional Leader
Math and Science

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The Mathematics Department focuses on curriculum and instruction in all areas of mathematics, with emphasis on thinking skills through a balance of number sense, computation, logic and reasoning, analysis, mathematical modeling, problem solving, and technology. Our goal at all levels is to provide instruction that engages and challenges students in learning environments that are encouraging, developmentally appropriate, and provide opportunities for students to gain an appreciation of mathematics and an understanding that mathematics is a viable subject connected to everyday life.

Students in Kindergarten through Grade 5 participate in a variety of educational activities related to mathematics. The goal of the elementary mathematics program is to teach students to become proficient in the areas of number relationships and computation, geometry, measurement, data, and algebra. The math department emphasizes the importance of developing strong number sense and conceptual understanding of numbers prior to learning algorithms. It is essential for children to understand the flexibility of numbers and to solve the same problem in more than one way using multiple strategies, rather than just rote computation. Students explore concepts through problem solving, reasoning, communicating ideas about math, and making connections within math and to other subject areas and the real world. Students are provided opportunities to enrich and extend the mathematics program at each grade level.