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Welcome to K-5 Science!

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Roseanne Haughton
Elementary Instructional Leader
Math and Science
Phone 203-452-2885 x4049
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Wonder is the seed of knowledge.- Sir Frances Bacon

Your children will have many experiences investigating the world of science through inquiry this year. Inquiry grows naturally from a child's sense of wonder about the world. Monroe Public Schools is dedicated to promoting wonder and curiosity through science practices that are essential to inquiry: observing, questioning, hypothesizing, exploring, applying, designing, communicating, and reflecting. Opportunities are provided at all grade levels to learn science by doing science in order to construct ideas and understandings. Students will participate in common experiences at each grade level. Our curriculum is designed to actively engage all students in an effort to achieve challenging standards of scientific literacy and scientific numeracy. Scientific literacy includes speaking, listening, presenting, interpreting, reading, and writing about science. Scientific numeracy is communicated through models and mathematical tools for analysis and presentation of data and ideas. Our K-5 science program aligns with Next Generation Science Standards (adopted by Connecticut in 2015).

Let's work together to help our children develop necessary knowledge and confidence in exploring problems and communicating solutions. What are you wondering today?