Flier Submission

Flier Submission

Welcome to Monroe Public Schools Flier Posting.


All fliers are submitted for approval by the Superintendent or designee. Once the flier is approved for distribution it will be sent out on date specified.  All fliers must be in the form of a pdf or jpg document. All fliers will be distributed electronically once, however, they will remain on our website until they expire.  Fliers are only distributed for community organizations that are student related.  Please submit fliers at least one week prior to posting date on our community distribution list for external organziations.  Please check all grade levels that apply.

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District Wide(K-12)

Fawn Hollow Elementary (K-5)

Monroe Elementary (K-5)

Stepney Elementary (K-5)

Jockey Hollow/STEM Academy (6,7,8)

Masuk High School (9-12)

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PLEASE UPLOAD FLIER HERE (please note, your email will open, please attach flier to email and send, then make sure you hit submit on this form once email has been sent.)

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